Gerasimos Loutos

Multimodel planning: Modal choice and integrated traffic assignment 



Multimodal planning becomes necessary in order to develop the regional transport systems of the future. However, important links between the modes are missing in the currently deployed planning models. Particularly, public transport, walking and cycling are very simple in comparison to the models used for the planning of individuals’ vehicle traffic.

The aim of the project is to contribute through the development of models for planning and evaluation of walking and cycling in connection with other modes of transport and especially public transport. The focus of this research is on mode choice and integrated traffic assignment.

The project activities will be divided in three stages. The first part will be a comprehensive description of the state of the art in integrated planning of walking, cycling and public transport. The most promising type of modeling is activity based demand models, where the trips are assumed to be generated by the need of the households to carry out their daily activities, i.e. work, shopping, recreation. Activity based modeling gives a holistic perspective on travel behavior that should be of particular use for integrated multi-modal planning. The second step of this project will focus on the collection of appropriate data in order to estimate the formulated models. Last step is the development of a mode choice model which will include public transport, walking, cycling and passenger car as the mode alternatives. Based on the analysis of research needs, the survey of existing models and the available data, a prototype activity based mode will be created for integrated mode planning.

The outcome of such a research could substantially contribute in the great interest among Swedish cities and municipalities to increase the share of walking, cycling and public transport.


Advisors: Professor Jan Lundgren, Dr. Clas Rydergren, Dr. Andreas Tapani.

University: Linköpings universitet.