ITS News Orlando

Q-Free is claiming a first for a major system solution being unveiled here in Orlando this week. The company is launching its first video based single gantry multi-lane free flow system – a fully automated system that takes front and rear pictures and tracks the vehicle through the tolling zone.

“It was clear from customer input and market surveys that an easier way to install and operate a true multi lane free flow solution was needed,” says Henrik F. Stoltenberg, VP Business Development. “We’ve met that need by developing a system with less visual impact to be mounted on a single gantry and no supporting poles or installations. Not only that, we’ve kept all the functionality from our previous systems and added more features. The bottom line is, we have made a system with reduced traffic leakage and manual handling, with very little visual impact and with reduced installation cost.”

Q-Free’s single gantry solution incorporates a new cutting edge imaging system that can seamlessly, and simultaneously, track and capture multiple cars in multiple lanes. It also handles stop and go traffic, and ‘strange’ driving patterns of the type seen in urban intersections.

“Our expertise in imaging and ALPR technology has enabled us to design an advanced system that captures and records all events in the zone, even with a redundant function, giving provable high performance. This was a key requirement for our customers and us.” says Michael Erstad, Product Manager, Systems Solutions.