Newsletter December 2015 from the ITS Postgraduate school (NFITS)

The ITS Postgraduate school started in 2008 and at the moment there are 15 PhD-students enrolled. During 2015, there has been one PhD-defence (Mahmood Rahmani, presented in Newsletter June 2015) and we have welcomed three new PhD-students. Two of them are presented below (the third was presented in the June newsletter).   During the last years there has been a small decrease in inflow of new PhD-students and from NFITS we need to work hard to recruit new students. To engage new PhD students, we need not only ensure funding to cover the salary of the PhD student and other project costs but also generate good research ideas and establish good cooperation with relevant companies and organizations. We believe research and education is very important for the development of ITS and NFITS will therefore try to contribute as much as possible to the ongoing work to develop the national ITS Strategy and Action Plan. Click here to read the newsletter.