EU EIP - Potential for ITS on European Road Transport corridors - survey invitation

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are vital to increase safety and tackle Europes growing emission and congestion problems. They can make transport safer, more efficient and more sustainable by applying various information and communication technologies to all modes of passenger and freight transport. Moreover, the integration of existing technologies can create new services. ITS are key to support jobs and growth in the transport sector. But in order to be effective, the roll-out of ITS needs to be coherent and properly coordinated across the EU (Source: European Commission homepage, on ITS). The EU EIP ( project is carried out under the CEF ITS umbrella between 2016 and 2020 to act as a coordinating function for European ITS deployment. An important task of the EU EIP project is to create a common understanding on the current situation on European road transport corridors, and identify ITS deployment measures that could be undertaken in order to improve the performance of these road corridors. In addition, challenges to the required ITS deployment have to be identified together with activities that can be carried out in order to meet these challenges. As a first step in this process the EU EIP project launches a survey with focus on the perceived needs for ITS measures: Are they needed in order to increase capacity or improve road safety? Or is the primary goal to ensure that road users are well informed, which will support both these aims? The scope of the survey is to get a better understanding of the general driving forces behind ITS deployment, and it is made complementary to previous studies that have been carried out. With this mail we kindly invite you to participate in this web-based survey (21 questions, 15-30 minutes). You can access the survey directly through this link: Complementary information is provided in the appended informative annex, which also includes a printout of the survey. We appreciate your answers not later than 31 May, as the results will be presented and discussed at an EU EIP workshop in Glasgow 8 June, in conjunction with the ITS Europe congress. Feel free to distribute this invitation further. If you have received this invitation from another source, we apologize for any inconvenience. We are most grateful for your contribution and remain at your service for any kind of queries regarding the survey, the work shop in Glasgow or other aspects of the ITS Road Map development. Yours, Arne Lindeberg, Swedish Transport Administration, leader of activity ITS Deployment Road Map Update in the EU EIP project /Jonas Sundberg