Newsletter 2013 ITS Post graduates chool

During 2013 we had a number of activities associated with the ITS Postgraduate school (NFITS) including two retreats: One in May at Malmö University and another late in November in Norrköping. The latter was a two-day event on the theme “Energy efficiency in transportation and enabling technologies” where several invited guests gave presentations. The reason for having two retreats this year was that during the workshop at the retreat in Malmö, the participants stated that the gatherings are very important for the Ph D students to meet and talk and also to get feedback on their work by other senior researchers. The recommendation and wish from the participants was to have these gatherings more frequently. In this newsletter, you can read about the activities of the ITS Postgraduate School and plans for 2014 including information about:
  • Retreats and seminars
  • Offered doctoral courses
  • Thesis defences
  • Newly enrolled Ph D students
  • NFITS research educational support and grants and how to enrol
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