2017 Swedish National ITS Conference 27-28 September

“The event of the year”, the Swedish National ITS Conference, is to be held September 26-28th of September in Stockholm Kista.

On the 26’th there will be a special conference arrange between ITS Finland, ITS Estonia and ITS Sweden – THE NORDIC+

On 27 and 28 is the Normal Swedish ITS Conference.

The The venue is Kista Science Tower, Färögatan 33 Kista. Don´t forget to register your interest in this conference.

This year we also can offer new inspirations. We welcome delegates from Estonia and Finland and with a special programme dedicated to Nordic cooperation within the ITS platform. The date for this is September 26.  Some of our Nordic friends will be engaged the other days as well.

This means more perspectives and possibilities to learn of each other, not only technically, but more of how to meet new challenges, collaborations between actors and mutually strengthen within digitalisation and within the transportation sector with focus on the opportunities the ICT can support. All the best for the user.

The theme this year will be “towards a smart sustainable transport society”.

The ICT sector has been more mature for the actors in the transportation field and its connections to a smart and living society. Which also reflects the use of more complex solutions, not only technologically but more in the sense of multi-cooperation between actors and were also the users play a role.

After years of talks about self-driving vehicles we now face that in reality – how has that been a reality? We also face the shared economy facilities inside the transportation arena with new services – how will that impact the society? UK automotive executives expect that more than half of today’s car owners will not want to own a car in less than a decade, according to KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017. Society itself is in a paradigm shift with more and more connectivity, to be smarter and liveable.

To send goods from the Nordic countries down to southern Europe have a great potential for improvements. Work is supported by the Commission. And the Aviation sector has for long been leading actor in cooperation and working together.

How will all this influence society – will there be steps towards sustainable? Come and listen to opinions from diverse actors and participate in the debates.

A very warm welcome to this year’s conference.

Christer Karlsson

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