ITS Postgraduate school – NFITS



The area of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services (ITS) is known to be multi-disciplinary where different areas of competence meet to achieve sustainable, safe and cost-effective traffic and transport systems. The research frontier in the ITS area has earlier primarily been divided according to the different disciplines while there has been a need for research projects and researchers which go beyond their specific domain with a wider perspective to address relevant issues in a larger context than before.


Based on this need of a broaden multi-disciplinary research scope and in conjunction with the discussions of the organization of the ITS World Congress 2009 in Stockholm, the idea of a Swedish ITS Postgraduate School (NFITS) was formed by VINNOVA (The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems), Banverket (The Swedish Rail Administration) and Vägverket (The Swedish Road Administration) together with ITS-Sweden and a number of Swedish companies and Swedish universities. Currently ITS Postgraduate School involves Ph D students and senior researchers from Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Chalmers University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology(KTH), Linköping University (LiU), Lund University (LU), Halmstad University and Malmö University (MaH).


One of the main purposes of the ITS Postgraduate School is to provide for a good, multi-disciplinary research education based on the different areas of competence of the participating universities and to initiate and run research projects highly relevant for the industry and the society defined in cooperation with the companies involved in the ITS Postgraduate School. The ITS Postgraduate School is mainly funded by VINNOVA and Trafikverket. It is coordinated by ITS-Sweden and the director for the ITS Postgraduate School, Prof. Jan Lundgren at Linköping University.



Photo: Majority of the Ph D students and senior advisors gatherered during one of the initial research seminars at Lund University in the Spring 2009.