Qichen Deng




The iQFleet project is financed by VINNOVA (FFI) and Scania; other partners are the
Automatic Control Group, KTH and VTI. The aim of iQFleet is to develop the concept of
vehicle platooning in real traffic conditions. While the Automatic Control Group develop
algorithms for controlling the platoons, ToL develop methods for incorporating real-time
traffic conditions in the platoon control, and analyze the performance of the platoon in
surrounding traffic. For the first task, real-time floating car data from trucks are combined
with other traffic and weather data sources to estimate and predict the speed on the highway
between the platoons from origin to destination. For the second task, a model for the
dynamics of truck platoons is developed and implemented in existing traffic simulation
models. The impact of the platooning on the surrounding traffic, and vice versa, is evaluated
under a range of different scenarios, including light/heavy traffic, good/poor visibility,
different number of lanes, different platoon lengths, etc.


Advisor:  Professor Haris N. Koutsopoulos, Dr. Erik Jenelius, Dr. Xiaoliang Ma.

University: Royal Institute of Technology KTH).

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