Camilla Nyquist Magnusson


Enhancing Transportation Security and Efficiency through ITS


Camilla’s research interest is applied focusing on logistical questions and problems within ITS, where ITS is defined as a cross-disciplinary field of logistics and information systems. Initially, the relation between the research field of ITS and freight transports will be studied and mapped from a research perspective.

The PhD studies are expected to have a special focus on the relation between measures and effects of security and efficiency. ITS is an important tool but organisational aspects will be considered as well. The goal is for the research to help the strategic planning of investments in measures for security and efficiency at companies, as well as the development of policies for control of freight transports at authorities.

This research is financed by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), and it is part of the project HITS, Harmonized Intelligent Transportation Systems for Transport of Dangerous Goods, that runs from 2014 to 2015. The HITS project aims at performing research and generating incentives so that transporters voluntarily increase transportation security for dangerous goods. The project e.g. plans on extending the service platform Intelligent Access Program, IAP, to cover dangerous goods. In 2015 the project will focus on demonstration, test, and quantification of results.


Associate Professor Dr. Daniel Hellström, Lund University, Div. of Packaging Logistics

Dr. Magnus Andersson, Viktoria Swedish ICT

University: Lund University

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