Nikita Lyamin


Reliable vehicular communications


Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) are an important part of Intelligent Transportation Systems and aim at increasing road safety, efficiency and driving comfort. These PhD studies are focusing on reliability and security issues of inter-vehicular communications in connection to the ongoing standardization activities in Europe.

The cooperation between vehicles in VANETs is achieved by the frequent exchange of periodic broadcast messages also known as beacons. The beacons might be delivered poorly due to the congested vehicular communication channel or even become a target for different malicious intrusions. This might compromise security, which is crucial for automotive systems.

Beaconing triggering rules, distributed channel congestion control, denial-of-service attacks and misbehavior detectors as well as other related mechanisms to support cooperative awareness between the vehicles in VANETs will be thoroughly investigated.

This study is part of the ”ACDC: Autonomous Cooperative Driving: Communications Issues” project (2014-2016) funded by the Knowledge Foundation in cooperation with Volvo GTT, Volvo Cars, Scania, Kapsch TrafficCom and Qamcom Research & Technology.

Main advisor: Prof. Alexey Vinel, Halmstad University.

University: Halmstad University.

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