Nils Breyer

Traffic analysis from cellular network data

Travel surveys and link counts are expensive and very limited datasources that are used to get insights about travel patterns. The goal of my research is to investigate how cellular network data can be used to get both quantitatively and qualitatively better insights about travel patterns. This includes to develop and test algorithms to process cellular network data in order to make it usable in a traffic engineering context.

The use of cellular network signaling data has the potential to fundamentally change how we can analyze the efficiency of a current transportation system, estimate transport models, and predict future transportation use. By mapping the cell phone data to the transport infrastructure it becomes possible to estimate the current use of the transport system. From the results of such estimations, suggestions for improvements to the existing transport system can be generated. The outcome would be more efficient mobility and, in the long run, increased economic growth. Furthermore, in developing countries the cellular networks can provide a much better coverage than traditional sensor infrastructure for traffic and transport. Therefore, this type of data will be very important to generate decision support information for large infrastructure investments.

Advisors: Prof. Di Yuan, Linköping University and Dr. Clas Rydergren, Linköpings Universitet

University: Linköpings University

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