Noor Azreena Binti Kamaluddin

Development and Test of Advanced Rider Assistant Systems for Improving Motorcycle safety


Noor Azreena’s research is focused on motorcycle safety and factors contributing to MC crashes and ITS-based solutions for crash prevention. She works with the development and test of a smartphone APP (e-Call) for motorcyclists, identifying safety critical events based on sudden acceleration change (jerk). Its usefulness for the riders is that in the event of an accident the system records how violent the situation was and it prepares a message to an SOS centre, but the rider is asked first whether to send it. The system also allows for the collection of anonymous data and visualization where bike-accidents in the system occur, thus giving the road authority a good basis for prevention. Such an e-Call system also has great potential for cyclists, moped riders, four-wheel riders, skiers and horse-riders.


Supervisors: Prof. András Varhelyi & Dr. Aliaksei Laureshyn

University: Dep. of Technology and Society, Lund university.