Rafael Basso

EL FORT – Electric Fleet Optimization in Real-Time

During the recent years there has been a considerable growth in distribution logistics triggered by the continuously increasing amount of goods to transport. At the same time, to have sustainable fuel solutions, there is a strong effort in increasing the use of electric vehicles. As a result, many challenges associated with energy management arise when considering complete fleets of electric trucks. Additionally, current urban traffic scenarios add to the complexity with congestions, roadwork and other traffic limitations.

This project proposes a system to support the use of electric distribution trucks in urban environments, by optimizing the use of the complete fleet, instead of focusing on single vehicles. The system takes into account real-time traffic information, such as congestions, and vehicle information, such as battery state and cargo information, to dynamically assign missions and routes to each vehicle in the most cost-efficient way. The result is that every vehicle receives appropriate missions dynamically and will drive along routes optimized in real-time, thereby increasing efficiency of the complete fleet and contributing positively to traffic flow.

The main innovations considering the current state-of-the-art are the focus on electric vehicles specific characteristics, the focus on the complete fleet and the real-time planning. Additionally, it is seen that this approach brings route optimization closer to the vehicle by utilizing specific parameters available.

The project is a collaboration between Volvo and Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Signals and Systems (S2), and Division of Transport and Logistics. At large, the project contributes to the Volvo initiative of deploying electric truck solutions and also to Chalmers’ initiatives in using Intelligent Transportation Systems for future freight transport.


Supervisors: Dr. Balázs Adam Kulcsár and Dr. Per-Olof Arnäs.

University: Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers.