Evaluation of ITS applications

The course is organised by Lund University. The aim of the course is to teach participants a scientific approach to ITS applications and how their effects can be evaluated with respect to functionality, user-related criteria, traffic effects and transport policy goals. The learning outcomes are:

Knowledge and understanding: For a passing grade the student shall comprehend the various evaluation criteria of ITS applications, as well as what scientific methods can be used for their assessment and evaluation.

Competence and ability: For a passing grade the student shall be able to independently compose evaluation schemes and apply scientific methods to analyse the need for, technology used for and the effects of ITS applications.

Previous course: Feb 2013

Next course: Fall 2017 (Part II of the course ‘Introduction to ITS’)

Course plan:   5 credits, more information see Course plan

Contact:           András Várhelyi, Lund University.