Freight transport and ITS/ICT

The division of Logistics and Transportation at Chalmers University of Technology is giving a PhD course on freight transport and ITS/ICT during the fall of 2014. The course aims at introducing the participants to freight transport specific aspects to ICT/ITS. In a transportation system, there are many types of losses that can be addressed by using digital technology.

The course consists of four modules, each corresponding to 2 ECTS each. The first three modules consist of lunch-lunch meetings and a hand-in assignment and the fourth consists of a larger hand-in assignment.

The course is structured in four modules:

  1. Session 1: The building blocks. We look into the components of freight transport systems in general, how they work and what their driving forces are.
  2. Session 2: The challenges. We discuss and explore the challenges that the freight industry is facing regarding digitization.
  3. Session 3: The tools. We focus on the various ICT/ITS tools that are available to the industry today. We will also discuss avenues of development towards the future.
  4. In the fourth block, each student writes a research grant application for a project related to the course subject area and their own research topics.

Previous courses: fall of 2014 with a start in late September and ended January 2015.

Next course: To be decided.

Course plan: 5 credits

Contact:Dr. Per Olof Arnäs or Dr. Gunnar Stefansson, Chalmers University.

{per-olof.arnas, gunnar.stefansson}