ITS Handlingsplan
Arbetet fortskrider och vi hoppas kunna presentera fokusområden inom en mycket snar framtid. Följ arbetet på

ITS Europe Glasgow 2016
Årets Europeiska ITS kongress kommer att vara i Glasgow 6-9 juni.
Man kommer att fokusera mycket på uppkopplade fordon och ITS i städer. Bland annat kommer man att arrangera ett \\\”Mayor summit\\\” Där man hoppas att 25-40 borgmästare från olika större städer i Europa skall presentera vad man gör inom ITS. Från Sverige så är Stockholm, Göteborg och Malmö inbjudna.

ITS World Congress Melbourne 2016
Världskongressen kommer i år att vara i Melbourne 10-14 oktober.
Sverige kommer att vara representerade bland annat i en European Pavilion som arrangeras av ERTICO. Är ni intresserade att delta så kontakta oss. Vi kommer inom en snar framtid att sända ut mer information.


ITS Sweden är glada att välkomna AcobiaFLUX som ny medlem.
Nedan följer lite information om AcobiaFLUX, ni kan finna mer på deras hemsida

– a fully committed business consultant

In our three sectors – Industry, Infrastructure and Building Automation – focus is intensifying on the possibilities of integrating different systems and functions. Each element in a process system affects the others and today’s fastpaced production requires an uninterrupted flow from start to finish. As operations become increasingly complex, the need for monitoring and control is greater than ever. Whether we are working to fine-tune a production process, increase traffic safety in a tunnel or reduce energy consumption in a building, we customize solutions based on tried and tested concepts and components.

Our strength lies in the combination of far-reaching expertise and in-depth specialist skills that we combine with modern technology to make it possible to create integration and flows that simplify and improve our clients’ operations.

We offer complete deliveries, where we take the responsibility all the way from initial problem analysis and design to application, installation and post-delivery support – at all stages working in close collaboration with the customer.
AcobiaFLUX delivers each link in the chain which is required for a successful project, from sensors, cabinets and other hardware, to PLC, SCADA and MES systems. Other vital deliverables are integration to the administrative system and of course coordination of the project in its entirety.

Cooperation is our guiding light. We are firmly convinced that working closely and committedly with our partners and clients is the way to create the maximum value. This allows us to make the very best use of our specialist skills to turn the ideas that our organizations jointly develop into long-term solutions that work today and in the future.