Survey Traffic Management

Dear colleague

As previous informed in the ITS Nationals newsletter (issue 30 – December 2016) we are starting an international market survey to investigate trends and value of video in Smart Cities and Traffic Management.

The survey is conducted by ITS Sweden and AXIS and supported by ERTICO and the Network of National ITS Associations.

The survey will investigate the fields of traffic monitoring and incident management, traffic data collection and statistics, intersection control, tolling and congestions, intelligent video for Smart City traffic and regulations and legal aspects on video.

Results from the survey will be available to you in a report for your country and in an international report, both with unlimited user rights for you.

The survey will be conducted between 17/02/28 and 17/03/31.

The survey is anonymous and we will need your help to select the right respondents to fill in the questionnaire. Please download the Guidelines for choosing respondents here>>

I would be very grateful if you can email the survey link:

to relevant respondents and point out to them the importance of responding to the survey.

We will be in contact with you after a few weeks and inform you the status of the responses, perhaps will it be needed for you to send out a reminder about the questionnaire.

I am very grateful for your help.
We are aiming for a strong European contribution!

Thank you in advance.
Christer Karlsson
ITS Sweden