ITS NEWS ITS World Congress Vienna 2012

ITS NEWS ITS World Congress Vienna 2012


“Smarter on the Way”

22-26 October 2012


It is now confirmed that EC will have their ITS Conference on the 22nd October in Vienna.

The Ministerial round table will be on the 22nd October.


Status about papers and sessions:

1079 Technical and Scientific papers have been submitted.

–       671 from Europe

–       297 from AsiaPacific

–       111 from America

Around 600 will be accepted


We have seen a huge interest in arranging Special Interest Sessions, there have been 83 submitted just from Europe and so far we have only room for 20?


On the 7-8 February will the International Program Committee have a meeting and try to make a first selection of sessions.



They will have 30 vehicles that will go on 30 minutes schedules in three different areas, Public road, Parking space and on a Closed track where different ITS solutions will be demonstrated.

11 demonstrations have been confirmed so far.


There are still options to suggest demonstrations BUT the time is running out!


If you have any suggestions that can fit within the Congress scope please inform us as soon as possible this week!


Swedish activities

There will be several Swedish activities during the Congress.


We are hoping that we will have the Swedish minister at the conference.

We will have a Swedish pavilion under the theme “ITS the Swedish Way”

There will be possibilities for demonstrations and meetings!

We will arrange breakfast meetings, lunch, dinner and VIP meetings

We have reserved rooms for the Swedish delegation at a hotel close to the conference

There will be several presentations from Sweden in different sessions


The activities are coordinated by the Swedish ITS Council and ITS Sweden.

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