ITS Sweden News 19 April 2012

ITS World Congress 2012

We will have a briefing meeting about the ITS World Congress  22-26 oktober in Stockholm Dalarnas hus Vasagatan 46 on 20 April between 13.00-15.00.


If you are interested to be a part of the Swedish delegation or just want to get some information please join us!


National Swedish ITS Conference

Dont forget to register to the National Swedish Conference the 19 June in Stockholm.

You can read more about it here>>



Dont forgett to check the latest updates about comming conferences and meeting on


For example the comming ERTMS Conference

The 2012 UIC ERTMS World Conference will take place in Stockholm from 24 – 26 April. The conference follows the two very successful UIC events in Malaga (2009) and Bern (2007). In 2012 the conference will support and help sustain momentum towards meeting the objectives of ERTMS.


The ERTMS Regional application on the TRAFIKVERKET Borlänge-Malung line – where a technical visit is organised on 24 April – will show how the ERTMS concept is applied to achieve optimum solutions, even for reduced infrastructure costs on low traffic and regional lines.