Reminder about a Public consultation

Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services

A reminder that you still have the opportunity to give comments to EC about the public consultation on ”Enablers for Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services”.


Objectives of the consultation

The consultation follows up on the work in the domain of multimodal journey planning and information services carried out under the ITS Action Plan (Action 1.5 Promotion of multimodal journey planners) and ITS Directive (priority action (a) provision of EU-wide multimodal information).

It is also taking stock of the 1st Smart Mobility Challenges on multimodal journey planners ( ) and discussions held during the Informal Ministerial Meeting in Cyprus in July 2012. It seeks to gather stakeholders’ opinion on a number of remaining challenges preventing the broad deployment of Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services, and on a number of measures the European Commission is proposing to overcome them. 

For more information, please consult the background document pdf - 63 KB [63 KB] .

Had you not yet contributed to the public consultation, please be informed that it will be open until 12 March 2013. EC looks forward to collecting your opinions on this matter,


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