Programme Swedish National ITS Conference 2017

27th September – all will be in English

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The theme is “Towards a smart sustainable transport society”

Today we face a paramount of innovations, new services were the technical progresses are near exponential within the ICT sector. How is it with the user and their maturity and the legal aspects? We claim that the potential of smart society, the smart transport system is there and that it also will be sustainable.

Welcome 0920-0930

Opening speeches 0930-1030

This year we are happy to welcome some very influential key note speakers representing important actors as well in the ICT as in the ITS world and with impact on ordinary peoples life as well in society. They have impact on the transportation market as a whole towards a sustainable society. We also will have a glimpse from UK and their development with possibility to exchange information and learn from each other.

Speakers are Ms Katarina Norén, Director General – Sjöfartsverket, Ms Anna Nilsson-Ehle, former Director at Safer and chairperson at Vinnova and Ms Jennie Martin, CEO – ITS United Kingdom.

Moderator will be Mr. Åke Lindström, ICT Development Director Kista Science City.

1030-1200 Connected, electrified, fossil free and Automated Driving

After years of talks, planning and smaller tests we today face a society aiming for as well fossil free transportation as a more safety related driving all over the countries in our world. The view on mobility will change over time and will give a potential of efficiencies in transportation according to many sources.

In Sweden we also are deeply involved which today has ended up in a Strategic Innovation Program for next generation transportation including both connected autonomous driving as shared vehicle use and services. The program is sponsored by Vinnova, Swedish Energy Agency and Formas, and canalised via Drive Sweden. There are similar programs for Smart Cities Challenge from Sweden all supporting each other. The views will be elaborated during this session.

Introduction and moderator of the session Mr. Jan Hellåker, Program Director, Drive Sweden

  • The city of tomorrow – how does it look like, how smart will it be, what do we mean? The cooperative programme for smart cities will guide but there are a lot of questions, potentials and challenges, and what are they likely to be? The substantial need for changes in Global transport systems, as well as in the mobility behaviour of people and businesses, is an extreme challenge for cities and a huge chance for companies.

Ms. Eva Schelin, CEO, IQ Samhällsbyggnad

  • Important issues to get experiences. We have test sites, experiments are planned to be demonstrated. This will be a discussion between some actors moderated by Jan Hellåker. Among the topics which will be discussed are:
    • Swedish experiences, thoughts, intentions and contents with Test Sites inclusive the value of Policy lab. A discussion together with Ms. Anna Pernestål, ITRL/KTH, Mr. Kent-Eric Lång and Mr. Birger Löfgren, RISE Viktoria.
    • The use of Minibuses. Is it a way to come closer to sustainable transports, the last or first mile concept? Mr.Peter Hafmar, Nobina Technology will elaborate this.
    • Cloud solutions for the connected driving. Safety, security, privacy issues besides other benefits. Could it be used for a wider service as a generic broker or? How does the business model look like and what are the driving forces? Mr. Stefan Myhrberg, Ericsson AB.

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1355 Connected and Automated Driving

The theme continuous with collaborative projects and a sum up.

Nordic and European Cooperation: A talk between representatives from Finland and Sweden moderated by Ms. Eva Schelin, CEO, IQ Samhällsbyggnad.

  • The topics will be Nordic Way and data sharing, business model etc. between countries. Experience from Finland and Sweden. Representatives from Finland will be Mr. Risto Kulmala and Mr. PO Svensk from Trafikverket, Sweden.
  • Experiences from some of the sites in Finland and Estonia. Mr Harri Santamala, CEO, Sensible 4 Ltd, experiences of SOHJOA pilot and thoughts for the future and Marten Kaevats, IT adviser, Estonian Government Office on the topic: ”Autonomous vehicles in Estonia”
  • Sum up: A discussion with some of the actors and the role they represent, what is missing and how to meet challenges.

The discussion is moderated by Ms. Eva Schelin, CEO, IQ Samhällsbyggnad.

Among the participants are Ms. Åsa Vagland, Deputy Director, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Ms. Yvonne Wärnfelt, Transportstyrelsen, Mr. Filip Kjellgren, Vinnova. Nordic representatives  Mr. Harri Santamala, and others.

1355-1415 Mingle

1415-1615 Sustainable Mobility as a Service

Cities stand today for a growing environmental burden by over 70 percent of global carbon emissions. Now, when countries after climate deal in Paris have to define and implement the measures required to fulfil their promises are the cities extremely important. One of the biggest challenges is to limit emissions from traffic and the transport system and that they are developed to simplify the journey for Traveller whether municipalities, county councils, the Trafikverket is responsible for their part of the system.  One way to meet these challenges is through the application of new mobility services in conjunction with a fossil-free development.

During two hours we will listen to what´s on right now. It is about the Strategic Innovation Program – next generation trips – where a roadmap is on the table produced thanks to many actors and their willingness to cooperate according to that. We will also get a Global view of trends within this topic, a talk about what we really mean with sustainable and some examples from cities about the urban developing plans. There will also be a participation from Finland.  Be prepared for an interesting afternoon.

Participating in the discussions are Ms. Charlotte Lejon , Swedish Energy Agency, Mr. Filip Kjellgren ,Vinnova and Mr. Per-Erik Holmberg, RISE Viktoria. Further on more representatives from “Samverkansprogrammet”, Ms. Eva Sunnerstedt, representing Stockholm, Mr. Peter Hafmar, Nobina Technology, Mr. Hans Karlsson from Public Transport Administrations and Operators, Mr. Anton Fitzthum, Kapsch TraffiCom and from Finland Mr. Tuomo Parjanen, PayiQ and Mr. Sami Sahala, Forum Virium from Helsinki.

Moderator will be Ms. Magda Collado, RISE Viktoria

Some key issues in the session:

  • Global view Mr. Per-Erik Holmberg, Rise Viktoria
  • Sustainable – what do we really mean?
    • A talk between Ms Charlotte Lejon, Swedish Energy Agency and about fossil free vehicles, Ms. Eva Sunnerstedt, Miljöförvaltning, Stockholm and some more.
  • Discussion around the RoadMap – Sustainable Mobility, next generation trips and transports according to the main actors.             The projects, the goals, the co-operations, the demand, representatives from Samverkansprogrammet, Mr. Per-Erik Holmberg, RISE Viktoria/Drive Sweden, Ms. Charlotte Lejon, Swedish Energy Agency, Mr. Filip Kjellgren, Vinnova and Mr. Peter Hafmar, Nobina Technology.
  • Some international experiences – Mr. Tuomo Parjanen, PayiQ and Mr. Sami Sahala, Forum Virium – Mobility as a Service – from vision to reality, Mr. Anton Fitzthum, Kapsch TrafficCom.
  • What is happening in Stockholm and Göteborg – Eccentric and DenCity/IMOVE. Presented by  Ms. Eva Sunnerstedt and Mr.Hans Karlsson, SLL.

Sum up: Which are the key elements for success? A discussion between some involved actors.

1600-1700 Presentations from Technolution and the host for the ITS Congress in Copenhagen
Presentation from Technolution

Next 55 minutes will be a unique possibility to meet Ertico and the hosts of the ITS World Congress 2018 Copenhagen.
Here will you have possibilities to ask questions to see what the World Congress next year can do for YOU!

1700-1900 After Work mingle and the ITS Award 2017
There will be possibilities to meet th reprentatives from ITS World Congress Copenhagen to discuss different packages!


28th September – Please observe! Presentations will mainly be in Swedish!

0900-1030 Multi Modal Transport Corridors in EU                                          

President Junker nämnde för några år sedan”Jobs, Growth and Investment” och ”En ansluten digital inre marknad som de två första prioriteringarna för EU: s politik. Målet är att främja tillväxt, konkurrenskraft, jobb och den inre marknaden, särskilt genom att bättre utnyttja de möjligheter som digital teknik erbjuder. Särskilt inom transportsektorn kan sådana verktyg förbättra användningen av befintliga resurser och medborgarnas dagliga liv.

Skandinaviska-Medelhavs korridoren är en viktig nord-sydlig korridor för den europeiska ekonomin. Från Finland via Östersjön till Sverige vidare genom Tyskland, Alperna och Italien. Den förbinder de stora stadscentrumen och hamnarna i Skandinavien och Nordtyskland för att fortsätta till de industrialiserade högproduktionscentra i södra Tyskland, Österrike och Norra Italien och sedan vidare till de italienska hamnarna och Valletta.

I denna session kommer att presenteras erfarenheter och vad man kan lära av arbeten för två stora initiativ. Det är inte bara planer utan också implementationer. Det är dels om transportkorridorer genom Europa, den s.k. Scan-Med korridoren dels om erfarenheterna från Östersjöområdet med STM – trafikledning till sjöss. Fokus är i huvudsak godsets väg på järnväg, fartyg och på väg, hur det byter trafikslag och hur olika informationer sker mellan de olika aktörerna. Vi kommer att få höra om såväl utmaningar som vunna erfarenheter och hur samarbeten är förutsättningar. Som ofta är information om var godset finns, vart det ska, när det anländer till bytespunkt för att transportområdet ska kunna effektiviseras.

Moderator är  Samuel Henningsson, NetPort Science Park. Medverkande är bland annat Arne Lindeberg, Trafikverket, Cajsa Jersler-Fransson, Ulf Siwe, Mikael Renz och Håkan Heurlin, Sjöfartsverket, Cilla Sobiech och Linda Astner från Gävle hamn.

1030-1100 Mingel

1100-1230 Flyget har länge legat i framkant vad gäller säkerhet och effektivitet – vad kan vi övriga lära av dem?

Flygområdet har under många år arbetat för att öka säkerhet såväl i luften som på marken, ta bort onödiga väntetider samt också effektivisera trafikledning och målinriktat med hållbarhetsfrågor. Ett arbete som också influerar andra trafikslag. Samtidigt har flygplatserna blivit attraktiva mötes- och bytesplatser med alla trafikslag involverade och service för att möte resenärernas behov. Till detta kommer också flygplatsen som såväl en marknadsplats, konferens plats och som arbetsplats för all den service som omger flygplatsen med många anställda.

I sessionen kommer du att få del av trender inom flygområdet, om utveckling av flygplatser som viktiga hubbar och flygoperatörer, om flygtrafikledning, kanske någon från landsidans operatörer, buss, taxi, etc, men också om intressanta innovationsmiljöer.

Moderator Lars Jernbäcker, VP Strategy and Growth SAAB AB. Övriga medverkande är Johan Lindsten, Stockholm City Airport Swedavia, Mats Berglind, Swedavia ”Funktionsfabriken” – en modell för att snabbt testa innovationer med IT-innehåll i flygplatsverksamheten. Vidare Erik Bäckman, VP Operations Digital Air Traffic Solutions Saab som pratar om Change Management samt Peter Larsson, VD, Svenska Regionala Flygplatser AB.

1230-1330 Lunch

1330-1430 Hur ska vi nå målet att vara världsledande inom ICT området?

I Sverige har vi en hög ambition att vara toppositionerad inom ICT- området med innovationer, digitalisering och med nya tjänster som självkörande och uppkopplade fordon, nya mobilitetstjänster etc som ledstjärnor. Kommer vi att lyckas med detta? Vilka är utmaningarna? Behövs en ny utmanaranda?  Kom med nyfikenhet och frågor.

Samtalet modereras av Ove Pettersson, f.d. Vinnova. Medverkande är Mattias Landgren, Statssekreterare, Näringsdepartementet, Sofia Granath, Autoliv Development AB, Niklas Wahlberg, CEO, Lindholmen Science Park, Per Wenner, Direktör, Trafikverket, Charlotte Lejon, Direktör, Energimyndigheten.