2019-05-15 Latest news about the congress

Let’s make smart mobility a reality

Join the debate on how to enhance our cities, quality of life and mobility with Intelligent Transport Systems at the ITS European Congress. Each day of the Congress the  Plenary and Executive sessions will focus on a different stream: Smart Cities, Automation and MaaS. 

On Tuesday 4 June the Congress Programme will focus on Smart Cities and how to prepare cities and regions for the transition into smart mobility, while moving people and goods efficiently, safely and cleanly. We will review how ITS has delivered efficiency, safety and sustainability benefits for our mobility systems so far, and discuss the next steps cities can take towards smarter mobility. Digitalization and emerging technologies are opening up the way to new mobility services: alternative transport modes are emerging while redesigning our urban spaces. The Smart Cities stream will host debates where city representatives, regulators, mobility experts, service providers and innovative start-ups will share best practices and successful deployment cases.

For more information about the three streams you can visit the Programme Streams page:

Programme streams

To plan your week at the Congress, view the online programme here:

Online Programme


Speakers Announced

What does the future of ITS look like? Find out from this year’s ITS European Congress speakers. The programme will feature some of the most prominent personalities from the smart mobility sector. You can meet some of our confirmed speakers here:

#ITSNL2019 Speakers

Countdown the Congress Podcast

In the latest Countdown to the Congress Podcast we hear from three of the people playing a key role in the ITS European Congress 2019. Congress Director, Didier Gorteman, talks about some of the highlights of the event and why it takes the European Congress experience to a new level. We hear about the Mobifestival from event co-ordinator Michelle van de Laarschot who gives details of what to see and do on the special public day focussing on the end user, which takes place on the 2nd of June. Last but not least, Chris Huijboom talks about the host topic: Startups, Disruptions & Future Workforce. Listen here:

Listen to the Podcast

3 Additional Demonstrations

This year’s demonstrations, 19 in total, will push the boundaries of modern mobility, so be sure to visit the innovative solutions that will be showcased at 3 different locations: 15 at and around the Automotive Campus in Helmond, 1 at the Evoluon and 3 at ITS Corridor between the Evoluon and the Automotive Campus. We would like to point out 3 new ones: a Smart Shipping demonstration from Rijkswaterstaat on fully autonomous, remote controlled shipping solutions, a platooning and Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control demo from CONCORDA and the NAVYA AUTONOM SHUTTLE, the electric and autonomous mobility service for 15 passengers!

View Demonstrations

Book your implementation visit!

Would you like to experience the innovations and advances in the Netherlands, and see what the country has done to improve mobility solutions for industry and citizens, then join the experts on a guided tour in the region. This includes tours to well-known companies like VDL, NXP, Nedcar and TNO, tours on cycling innovations, Smart Mobility innovations at the High Tech Campus and Smart City Living Labs. Or join the C-ITS Corridor, Autonomous Transport in action in the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam – The Hague or ITS Showcases in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam. Visit the website for a complete list.

Implementation visits