Workshop Future Smart Cities 18 September, 2018

Date: September 18, 2018
Time: 11:00-12:25
Place: Exhibition area, ITS World Congress Copenhagen, stand number C3-020, Nordic Pavilion

Agenda: (It will be updated with names of the presentations)

11:00 Welcome

11:05     Autonomous seamless shared transport system”

Speakers: Rodrigo Caetano and Rutger Hörndahl, Scania CV AB

11:10    ”The future of geodata collection, management and usability in ITS through the 3D environment with AI capabilities”

Speaker: Gaspar Anton, Reach-U

11:15       ”Just-In-Time port arrival for trucks on Tallinn-Helsinki ferry crossings”

Speaker: Sebastien Mure, GoSwift

11:20      ”Are constrains needed in the digitalization of cities?”

Speakers: Peyman Tavakoli and Danny Vroemen, Technolution AB

11:25    ”Collaboration and integration, a key to a smart city”.

Speaker: Mats Agblad, AcobiaFLUX AB

11:30     ”T.B.C”

Speaker: Pekka Motto, Kyyti

11:35     ”Customer proven products and solutions for smarter transport in cities”

Speaker: Kimmo Ylisiurunen, infoTripla

11:40     ”Can we make a Smart City smarter?”

Speaker: Jarno Kallio, NODEON

11:45      ”T.B.C”

Speaker: Tuomo Parjanen, PayiQ

11:50      ”High-tech pedestrian crosswalks – wise investment in safety, and for the future?”

Speaker: Mart Suurkask, Bercman Technologies

11:55      ”Ticketing interoperability through account based solution and contactless EMV”

Speaker: Argo Verk, Ridango

12:00     ”Fulfill your promise of safer, smoother traffic flows”

Speaker: Patrik Anderson, AXIS Communications

12:10-12:25 Closing