Membership Benefits

Becoming a member – who can join ITS Sweden?

 ITS Sweden address those who want to take part of the latest in the field of ITS.

You must conduct your business in Sweden and should be active in any of the following areas:

– user or user representative

– manufacturer

– consultant

– service providers

– traffic authority

– research and development


As a member of ITS Sweden you get …

– the opportunity to influence ITS development nationally and internationally

– access to organizations and key players active in intelligent transport systems and services worldwide

– opportunity to participate in ITS Sweden’s various networks and forums

– the opportunity to participate in ITS Sweden’s national & international webinars and annual conferences.

– access to ITS Sweden’s member site and member information via our website where there are:

  • business information
  • national and international news
  • information about ongoing projects
  • invitations to conferences
  • discussion forum
  • ITS Sweden’s newsletter
  • access to market research
  • access to international programs

There are three forms of membership:

  1. Member (Partner)
  2. Membership for development- / test sites areas and universities
  3. Information Member (Associate Partner)

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