What is ITS?

Intelligent transport systems and services combines information- and communication techniques, and is used in the development towards a more efficient, safe and sustainable transportation solution. Digitalization of the transport system.

ITS embraces a broad range of information technologies (IT), satellite and communications-based information, control and digital technologies. Collectively, these offer new possibilities for solving what seem to be intractable problems of congestion, traffic accidents, inefficient logistics, and the environmental impact of surface transportation.

Over the past year, has the EU commission together with the member states developed several important programs and actions like the ITS Action Plan.

The technology of today makes it possible to make new services, increase security, transportation security and reduce the negative environmental impacts. The work has made it very clear that it requires coordination between the other ITS society and all transport modes to achieve operational synergies and integration between different modes of transport for benefit of the free movement of persons, goods, and flows.