11 augusti, 2021

Sweco participates in the Nordic Pavilion!

It's fun and inspirational – that’s why our members choose to participate in the ITS World Congress and the Nordic Pavilion. Learn more benefits and read the interview with Magnus Hjälmdahl from Sweco below.

Why do you choose to participate in the ITS World Congress and the Nordic Pavilion??

Most of all because it’s great fun! The last year has been challenging and special in many ways and many of us long a little extra for meeting people and networking again. We also have a desire for and a need to know more about the latest trends and discuss what is happening in the industry.

What are your primary expectations from ITS WC?

We want to network with people in the industry and look for the next solutions. How do we implement today’s research in tomorrow’s reality? Our hope is that during the congress we will get both inspiration and knowledge about how we continue to bring tomorrow to today in the best way.

What are you most looking forward to during ITS WC?

I hope we get the opportunity to dig deeper into the connection between ITS and the European green deal. How can we, within ITS, guide and contribute to sustainable travel? Hopefully there will be a workshop to elaborate on this topic.