1 oktober, 2021

Meet Triplesign at ITS World Congress!

Less than two weeks left before the ITS World Congress takes place in Hamburg. ITS Sweden will be represented by, among others, Triplesign and managing director Hans-Ivar Olsson. Read more about his expectations below!

Triplesign from Sweden is developing and producing sustainable Prismatic VMS. The power consumption of the VMS is one Watt and the total costs can be reduced with up to 90% compared with a other VMS. The system can be operated by sensor, program, remotely or by control room. Triplesign sustainable VMS saves both lives and the environment.

Why do you choose to participate in the ITS World Congress and the Nordic Pavilion?

It is a great opportunity to meet people from the ITS industry, and to learn more about the latest innovations and techniques. It is also both smooth and easy thanks to ITS Sweden’s commitment and the Nordic pavilion’s arrangement.

What are your primary expectations from ITS WC?

We hope to have the opportunity to meet those active in the industry and in the long run get more collaborations, more development, and projects within the information system of the future for sustainable and cost-effective signs, so-called VMS, variable message signs. We see that the total costs can be drastically reduced thanks to sustainable technology, we want to collaborate on this to get even more out of it.

Which parts are you most looking forward to during ITS WC?

After the pandemic, personal meetings, and the opportunity to meet experts from the industry are extra important. The Nordic Pavilion is also a fantastic venue that naturally attracts people thanks to Nordic companies’ reputation and innovative resume. It is very fulfilling and interesting to listen and take part of the other exhibitors in the Nordic Pavilion.